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Without thermal imaging, some things go unseen. Now you can see what others only guess about.

Thermal images can help reveal problems about moisture (which may be conducive to mold, decay and termites), electrical system hot spots, deficient insulation, Heat/AC and duct system, structural issues, plumbing leaks, and more...

In this example you can see that moisture was detected in the kitchen ceiling (otherwise invisible to the naked eye).

Infrared Certified- Thermal
Imaging and Building Science

Thermal Infrared Scanning (Fluke-TIS®)

It's a state-of-the-art system of non-invasive, non-
destructive testing. Thermal Scans of a building, its systems and components can reveal vital clues about the state of your property.

The key is interpreting this information; it takes a CERTIFIED THERMOGRAPHER with extensive training and experience.

We use Thermal Scanning to look at: The electrical panel and circuit break load levels; moisture intrusion; construction defects; insulation energy efficiency; radiant heating; and a whole lot more.

We Also Do Light Commercial Inspections,
Apartment Buildings & Multi-Unit Residences!

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